The Give it a Rest Movement aims to equip women with the skills they need to have hard conversations-- the kind that confront insecurities and nurture intimacy in female friendships.


Founder: Danielle Bayard Jackson

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because life's better with  "keep it real" friends.

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with Danielle Bayard Jackson

Sometimes you just need to talk through your mess with another woman--

without judgement, without reservation. So we're here to help you through it. 


GIVE IT A REST Coaching is not for everyone. The woman who comes to us is typically:

Needs to "talk things out" to feel better. Very introspective and reflective, but also appreciates relationships.

a thinker...


Typically "anti-life coach", because traditional coaching feels a little cheesy and generic to her.

looking for support that

"keeps it real"...

Invests a lot of time and energy into others (her friends, co-workers, partner, kids), but needs someone to support her.

a "rock" for others...

Here at the movement, we don't just talk the talk-- we're here to do the work.


G.I.A.R. Coaching is for the woman who is ready to have more meaningful connections, and who also has a few personal goals she wants to conquer- but she wants to journey through it with a woman who will treat her as a person, not just a "client".

Common topics addressed:

  • Making new friends

  • Experiencing conflict with another friend/ group of women

  • Common Millennial life transitions like moving to a new city, adjusting to new motherhood, graduating college, or generally shifting dynamics in a friendship

I'm a certified coach who doesn't operate like everyone else, because our sessions will feel like you're talking to a coach AND a close girlfriend.

Danielle Bayard Jackson

What you'll get:

What you will not get:

  • A certified professional trained to ask high-level questions that lead you to your own brilliant conclusions

  • Suggested “action steps” that help you make actual, legitimate movement toward your goals

  • Someone who actually listens to what you have to say

  • A dedicated woman who has your back by checking in with you every week​

  • Help to figure out what you want and the obstacles that are getting in the way

  • A woman who celebrates with you every time you crush a goal (big or small)

  • Cliché “life coach” phrases like “Step into your power”  

  • Focus on past trauma (best reserved for a trusted therapist)

  • Diagnosis or treatment (best reserved for a trusted therapist or psychologist)

  • Specific advice and “answers” as to what you should do (best reserved for your mother and/ or very opinionated best friend)

Coaching like you've never seen it before.

No, seriously.