3 things to consider before attending that "Women's Empowerment" event with your friends

[A reflection]

"I don’t mean to cause drama, but here we go....

I’m kind of tired of seeing “women’s empowerment” on everything. Yep. I said it.

There are too many projects, products, and events marketing themselves as “female empowerment”, which really translates to “We want women to come/buy/do.” I’m in PR, girl. I know how to “spin”. There IS something special and ✨EMPOWERING✨about women coming together to do mighty things. But there are too many people out here taking advantage of a real need to collaborate and connect. So how do you tell the difference between real support and exploitation of the movement? 1. CHECK HER HISTORY. Do the women leading the event/selling the product have a background that shows a genuine commitment to championing causes that affect women? Does she invest her money on it? Spend her time on it? Get the credentials (or build the real-world experience) to be in a position to lead (and empower) you? Are they taking pictures for the ‘gram or GETTING THEIR HANDS DIRTY?

2. IS HER FEMINISM INTERSECTIONAL? I don’t want anyone to feel called out, but damnit, if you have NOBODY who LOOKS LIKE ME in your promo materials, on your stage, or on your leadership board, I will struggle to support you. You may have great intentions, but if you don’t have women with some of my shared experiences and perspectives, it will limit my capacity to trust that your “empowerment” is for ME.

3. EXAMINE THE VALUE. What is the 1. QUALITY of the event/product and 2. VALUE you will receive by attending/ buying? If it’s more about getting bodies in seats and ringing up sales, I don’t want it. But if you’re educating me, helping me access unknown potential, and following up with me because you want to see me win... I’M ALL YOURS.

In a time when the noise is so LOUD, we have to be more discerning about the groups, businesses, products, and services marketing to us. “Girl gang” is more than a cute phrase; it’s a lifeline. So you better go find (a real) one."

-Danielle Bayard Jackson

Friendship coach, Author


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