4 Safety Tips for Your Friend's First Bumble Date

Updated: Aug 1, 2019

She's finally meeting up with the guy whose texts crack her up. But you can't help but to feel a little nervous about her first date. Here are 4 safety tips to pass her way.

She's snapped pictures of her outfit for the'gram and she's texted you about how excited she is. You're happy for your girl and her first date with her potential new boo, but you can't help but be a little worried about her.

How do you encourage her to be safe without being a complete buzzkill?

We got you. Send her the following tips, and then you can rest assured that the only thing left to worry about is how much she's gonna talk your ear off afterwards about how amazing her date went.

1) Meet him at the restaurant.

Under no circumstances should you let a guy (at least on the first few dates) know where you live. Either Uber to the place where you’re meeting or just drive yourself. Sure, there was a time "back in the day" when it was chivalrous for a man to pick you up and greet you at the front door. I mean, the imagery is super romantic, yes. But these days you have to be extra careful-- at least, on the first date.

Another benefit of meeting up at the location is that you don't have to depend on him for a ride home. If something sketchy happens during your time together, you don't want to have to ride back with him afterwards. That would definitely make for an awkward (and potentially dangerous?) car ride.

And speaking of uncomfortable situations...

2) Say “peace out” if you get bad vibes.

If your date says or does anything that makes you do a double-take, do not hesitate to excuse yourself. No one's suggesting you become a paranoid wreck throughout your dating journey—it should be a fun experience! But you should definitely listen to that special intuition that women are blessed with.

Here's a go-to line to excuse yourself when a date's getting weird: “Alright, well thanks for meeting up tonight. I had fun! But man, I better get back to my girls before they leave without me.” With this response you are pleasant, fun, and BUSY. As far as he is concerned, you simply don’t have time to hang around because you’re on to the next eventful part of your evening. (Make sure you’ve stealthily already called for an Uber so you don’t have to awkwardly wait outside after you leave.) He doesn’t need to know that you’re actually headed home to take off your bra and watch another episode of Big Little Lies.

3) Let at least two people know where you are and who you're with.

Yes, we know-- we sound like your mother. But someone in your circle has to know what's going on. Be sure that you let more than one person know your whereabouts because your back-up needs a back-up. You can even take it one step further and, if you can do it discreetly, text his license plate number. (Not kidding. Danielle Bayard Jackson, Give it a Rest Movement founder, did this on a first date and the guy she was with caught her snapping the picture. He thought it was strange, but it didn’t scare him off—they’re married now.) 4) Enjoy your cocktail-- responsibly.

When you're headed to meet your (potential) new boo, you've likely envisioned a night of easy conversation complete with belly laughs and "Oh my gosh, me too!" moments. But you can not be your easy breezy, clear-thinking self if you let the champagne take over. Sure, many argue that a drink or two eases the first-date jitters. But you don't want to risk any tricky situations because you lost your bearings. YOU are in control on these dates. YOU. And keeping your wits about yourself is one of the ways you maintain that control.

Feeling empowered and secure on these outings makes the experience more enjoyable, and you’ll actually be able to relax knowing that you’re safe and in control of your situation. Keep these tips in mind knowing you can go on your date carefree.

What's your one piece of advice for a good (and SAFE) first Tinder/ Bumble date?

--GIAR Sisterhood Staff

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