"Friendship coaching" is a real thing-- and here's how it helps.

Your career, your marriage, your business-- you can pretty much get a coach to help you through any area of your life... except for your friendships.

With the emergence of life coaching, most women are aware of the roles and benefits of hiring a coach. But what those women don't know is how it could help them in the most critical area of their life: their connection with other women.

If you're just now hearing about "friendship coaching", you're not alone. But the question is: Is friendship coaching right for me?

You decide.

Here are three reasons women typically look to hire a coach to help them navigate their friendships:

1. You just moved to a new city and are struggling to create new friendships while keeping your old ones.

It’s intimidating to move to a new city, but connecting with other women always makes life transitions more manageable. Yet during a time when we’re more connected than ever, it’s difficult to establish meaningful friendships in real life. If you need to talk about your anxiety about being in a new space, strategies specific to your situation, and the uncertainty you have about keeping friends you’ve left behind, it can help to link up with a certified coach. Not only do they listen to what you have to say, he or she can work with you to generate customized tips that fit your personality and get you closer to your goal of creating a strong sister circle in your new town.

2. You’re having a mini-crisis in your friend group, but, ironically, you can’t talk to any of your friends about it.

The tricky thing about having an issue in your friend group is that it can feel risky to talk to any of the women without drama, push-back, or being misunderstood. GIVE IT A REST "vent sessions" are for women who think best when they talk aloud to someone else. It’s also a good way to work out your issue with someone objective so you know exactly how to approach your situation. When your boyfriend won’t listen and your co-workers don’t care, it’s time to call someone trained to really hear you... and who's ready to coach you through it.

3. You just got married or had a baby and weren’t prepared for how it would impact your friendships.

As we get older, our newly adopted interests and commitments demand time away from the network we’ve worked so hard to build. While spouses and children certainly require our time and attention, it often happens at the cost of our friendships. And we don’t tend to feel the impact of that loss until we are completely overwhelmed by our new roles. Friendship coaching is helpful to the woman who’s a new wife or new mom because it caters specifically to the new life season she's in; it also gives her the tools to mentally and emotionally manage the new dynamics of her life.

While we've normalized seeking help to grow your business and strengthen your marriage, we've still left the health of our friendships up to fate. But in a time when our connections (or lack thereof) are literally impacting our physical, mental, and emotional health, it's time we consider enlisting help to find the balance and depth that we crave.

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